Partner Engineering and Science provides Phase 1 and Phase 2 Site Assessments for our clients during real estate transactions. If you have a Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment, we can review it for free and design an appropriate Phase 2 scope of work. Our Phase 2s typically involve soil, soil gas, and/or groundwater sampling. All of our Phase 2s are supervised by either a registered civil engineer or a registered geologist.

Advantages of Partner:

  • Registered Engineers and Geologists
  • Professionals with extensive experience in subsurface investigations
  • Meets ASTM Standard E1903 for Phase 2 Standard Guide for Environmental Site Assessments: Phase 2 Environmental Site Assessment Process
  • Strong reputation with lenders

Phase 2 Environmental Reports:

  • Soil Borings and Boring Logs
  • Soil, Soil Gas, and Groundwater Sampling
  • Laboratory Analysis
  • Data Interpretation vs. Regulations and Industry Standards
  • Understanding of Your Business
  • Clear, Reliable Reporting

Types of Subsurface Reports:

  • Standard Phase 2 Environmental Report
  • Soil Vapor Survey
  • Vapor Intrusion Assessment, ASTM E 2600-08
  • Soil Borings and Hydropunch Groundwater Sampling
  • Groundwater Monitoring Well Installation
  • Methane Testing
  • Risk Assessment

Partner Engineering and Science’s Commitment:

We will listen to your needs and design a custom scope of work to meet those needs. We will deliver the expertise that comes with 30 years of experience and performing thousands of Phase 2 Environmental Reports.

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